Yauvanamrit vati

Divya Yauvanamrita Vati

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(5 grams of Divya Yauvanamrita Vati produced by Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy. Approximately 40 tablets per bottle.)


Direction for use : 1 tablet, twice a day.

Divya Yauvanamrit vati is a herbal medicine which helps to treat weakness of the body. It prevents fatigue also. People who feel tired and weak should take this tablet to stay fresh and full of energy. As this product is prepared from herbal ingredients, it can be used regularly. It does not produce any side effects on the body.

This wonderful tablet helps to increase the sexual power. It makes you regain the strength which is lost during sexual performance. It increases the sexual desire also. This product boosts the energy levels. It provides strength to the body and brain.

Divya Yauvanamrit vati is an excellent ayurvedic medicine for old people. Older people have less sexual desire and they lose interest in sex. This natural product helps to increase the desire for sexual activity. It boosts up the sexual energy and desire. It provides strength to every part of the body. This medicine brings back the youthfulness and treats impotency.

This product improves blood circulation in the genitals and increases the activity of sexual organs. It also promotes the production of sexual hormones. It makes your body active.


  • Removes the weakness from the body
  • Increases the sexual desire
  • Treats impotency
  • Makes the body active
  • Strengthens the heart and brain

Directions of use:

Take 1 to 2 tablets twice a day with warm water or milk.

Product reviews:


Solved my problem

I was very weak in sex. Before entering in my wife, I used to ejaculate. I started using Yauvanamrit vati and got mind blowing results. I have a great happy sexual life now.



Main bahut kamzor hu aur sex karne ka mann karta hai. Meri shadi hone wali thi aur maine Divya Yauvanamrit vati try kiya. 1 hi mahine mein mujhe fit mehsus hone laga. Shadi ke baad mujhe koi problem nahi hui. Iss dawai ne mera bada sath diya. Thanxxxxx


Treats man

I had the problem of nightfall at the age of 18. I take this medicine and it cure my problem.


Good results

I lost interest in sex after reachin age of 56. My wife wanted to have sex, but I did not….. I took Divya Yauvanamrit vati and now, I have sex regularly. We both are happy and satisfied now.