Shilajeet Rasayan

Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati

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40 gm x 2


(40 grams of Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati produced by Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy)


Direction for use : 2 tablets, twice a day

Divya Shilajeet rasayan vati is made up of age old recipe and is a formulation of ayurvedic herbs. It treats all types of diseases and maintains a healthy body. It takes care of male sexual system also. It treats impotency in men. It is known that Shilajeet amplifies the sexual power. This product is known as “Indian Viagra”. It improves the sexual performance.


If you suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation, low libido, impotency, then this is the best product for you. It helps you to regain the strength and improves the performance. It also improves the quality of the sperms and the quantity as well. It increases the sperm count also.

Divya Shilajeet rasayan vati increases the supply of blood in the sexual organs. It acts as a natural sexual tonic. This product makes the bones strong.

It also helps to treat many respiratory diseases. This product improves the digestion and strengthens the heart muscles. This product improves the overall health of the body. It is also known that this product increases the resistance and immunity of the body. It gives relief from the pain and swelling. You would also notice excellent results in the kidneys also.


All the ingredients present in this product are natural and herbal. It does not produce ant side effects.



  • Treats impotency
  • Prevents sexual disorders in males
  • Provides strength to the body
  • Improves the quality and quantity of sperms
  • Maintains overall health of the body

Directions of use:
Take 2 tablets twice daily with warm water and milk

Product reviews:


very good medicine

it worked for me to treat nightfall


nice product

I had problem of premature ejaculation…..when I started taking the Divya Shilajeet rasayan vati,  I got great results in 1 month. i and my wife happy by then.


Mind blowing results

Doctors said I am impotent. When I use shilajeet rasayan vati, my wife conceive the baby soon. No sexual problems I had.


It helped me to treat premature ejaculation.


This medicine is a boon for sexual problems

it is a wonderful product as it treated all my sexual problems. I suggest it to everyone who’s in my contact.