Madhunashini Vati

Madhu Nashini Vati

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60 gm x 2


(60 grams of Divya Madhu Nashini Vati produced by Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy. 120 tablets per bottle.)


Direction for use : 1 - 2 tablets, twice a day.

Divya madhunashini vati is very effective in treating diabetes. It helps to control the blood sugar levels. The problems associated with diabetes also get cured. It contains all herbal ingredients and hence, it is completely safe product. It does not produce any side effects.
It also helps to reduce the weight as it stops cravings of the sweets. It provides energy to the body. It also controls your appetite. Weak eyesight, frequent urination, blurred vision and muscle cramps are some of the common problems faced by the people who suffer from diabetes. Regular intake of Divya madhunashini vati helps to keep away from such problems also.

This wonderful product boosts the immunity system also. It also treats the numbness of the hands and feet. It makes your body fit. Once you start taking this product, you would get great benefits in no time. Your sugar levels would come to normal and you would be able to live a healthy life.


The weakness produced in the body due to diabetes is also treated by using Divya madhunashini vati. It makes your body immune to fight against the diseases. You can also take this product along with other products which help to treat diabetes. You would be amazed to see the results of this product.


Regular intake of the product helps the diabetes patients to strengthen the nervous system also. It helps in smooth functioning of the brain as it makes the brain sharp. It aids weight loss and makes the body healthy.



  • Controls the sugar levels
  • Prevents frequent urination
  • Builds up the immunity system of the body
  • Prevents the numbness and weakness
  • Strengthens the nervous system

Directions of use:
1 to 2 tablets twice a day is advisable


Product reviews:


Meri mom ko diabetes ho gayi thi. Humne Divya madhunashini vati shuru ki aur una diabetes control mein aa gaya. Humne koi aur dusri dawai nahi li. Ab diabetes normal rehta hai


Good product

I am from Bangladesh. I had diabetes and I started taking the product along with yogasanas. I am very very fine now.



My father had type II diabetes. I brought Divya madhunashini vati for him. Though he was not ready to take it, we still gave him; his diabetes was in control.