Divya Badam Rogan

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose oil, you should try Divya Badam Rogan. It is a sweet almond oil which has numerous benefits. It helps to relieve the tension and stress. It nourishes the brain and improves concentration. Regular use of this product boosts the memory.

Divya badam rogan is good for heart too. You can apply this miracle oil on your skin and hair to enjoy its benefits. It makes the skin smooth and soft. Many people use it daily to get a baby like skin. It prevents wrinkles and fights ageing. It is the best remedy for dry and sensitive skin. This product nourishes the skin naturally. When you apply badam rogan on hair, it treats dandruff and hair fall.

The body of the infants is usually massaged with divya badam rogan to make their bones stronger. 5 to 10 ml of badam rogan should be mixed in milk for a healthy life. Put 1 to 2 drops of the product in the nose if you suffer from insomnia.  You would get sound and deep sleep. It also provides relief from migraine and headache.


All the ingredients in this product are natural. Hence, it is completely safe and natural. It can be used by infants and children also.



Relieves tension
Reduces hair fall
Treats dandruff
Nourishes the skin
Good for hair



  • To strengthen the brain - One tablespoon of Badam Rogan with 200-250 ml of milk. Take it every night.
  • To nourish the hair Hair – To be applied externally on scalp and hair.
  • For Migraine - Fill 2-3 drops in the nose.

Product reviews:


Benefit product

I started massaging my new born baby with divya rogan badam… his bones become strong…I used this oil till he reached 2 years.. I and my child is happy.


Helped me to cure dandruff

I was fed up with my dandruff and scaly scalp. I started using badam rogan from baba ramdev. My scalp got healthy and dandruff was cured. I massage the same once a week for precautionary measures.



I am a 60 years old man. I took divya badam rogan with milk every nite. It helped me get rid of constipation. Thanks Swami Ramdev!