Divya Package for Infertility (Bandhyatva)

Package Ingredients

A. Divya Shivlingi Beej                    100 gm
B. Divya Putrajeevaka Beej           100 gm
C. Divya Stri Rasayana Vati           40 gm
D. Divya Chandraprabha Vati       40 gm
E. Divya Rajah Pravartani Vati      40 gm
F. Divya Falghrit                              200 gm
G. Divya Dashmool Kwath            200 gm


Directions of use:

  1. Make powder of medicines A and B. Take 1 tablespoon two times a day. It is advisable to take it an hour before meals. Taking it along with cow’s milk would be effective.
  2. Medicines C and D to be taken 2-2 tablets twice daily. It is advisable to take it after meals.
  3. Medicine E : 2-2 tablets three times a day. To be taken on an empty stomach.
  4. Medicine F : Take 1 tablespoon twice a day. To be taken on an empty stomach with cow’s milk.
  5. Medicine G: Boil 1 tablespoon of the powder with 300-400 ml of water. Let the water reduce to 1/4th. Strain the mixture and take it twice after meals.

What causes infertility in women?

  • Ovulation disorder
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Endocrine disorder
  • Low sexual drive
  • Mental stress
  • Anxiety

Home remedies for infertility:

  • Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. This would keep your body healthy and ensure a healthy pregnancy.
  • Include milk and milk products in your daily diet.
  • Eat nuts, dry fruits, fruits rich in Vitamin C. Drink milk and consume curd daily.
  • Try to stay happy. Stress, anxiety and tension are the major causes of infertility. Do something that gives you happiness.
  • Avoid spicy foods, tea or coffee. Cut down on sugar and sweets. Substitute sugar with honey.
  • Stay away from smoking and drinking.
  • Practice yoga for treating infertility.
  • Take Divya infertility package for atleast 2-3 months for the best results.

Product reviews:

  1. Had a baby
    Me and my husband tried for a child for 4 years. Someone suggested us Divya infertility package. Within 5 months of use, I got pregnant. We have a healthy baby now.
  2. Good product
    It cured 7 years old infertility. I was very worried about it. When I take Divya package for infertility, I had pregnancy. We are happy now.