Package for Asthma:

Dosage : 1 Month

Sale Price $ 54.50
Name of Medicine

A. Divya Swasari Ras 20 gm
B. Divya Sitopaladi churna 25 gm
C. Divya Abhrak Bhasm 5 gm
D. Divya Praval Pisti 5 gm
E. Divya Trikatu Churna 25 gm
F. Divya Lakshmi Vilasa Ras 40 gm
G. Divya Sanjivani Vati 20 gm

Directions of use:
Medicine A, B, C, D and E: Mix all of them together and separate it into 6 equal parts. Take each part prior to breakfast and dinner.

Medicine F, G: Take 1-1 tablet two to three times a day. It is advisable to eat it after the meals. You may take the tablets with hot water or milk.

Home remedies for asthma:

  • Place a ripe banana on a slow flame. Let it become warm. Sprinkle some black pepper powder and eat the banana. This provides great relief from asthma.
  • Add 8-10 cloves to milk and boil it. Drink this mixture and drink this milk daily.
  • Prepare a paste of tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves and honey. Consume the mixture for getting relief from asthmatic attacks.
  • Sprinkle black salt on tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves and eat it.
  • Mixture of lime juice and ginger juice also helps to provide relief from asthma.
  • Add one tablespoon of honey to a glass of milk. Consume this milk once a day.
  • Eat onions regularly to keep away from asthma.
  • Place a bottle of honey close to your nose and inhale the air.
  • Boil a few garlic cloves in milk and drink it after straining it.

Customer reviews:

1. Good hai
I had asthma problem. when I start taking asthma package from divya pharmacy, it helped me in just 1 month. I ma very happy with the relief I got. Thanks to babaji…

2. Nice package
Jab maine asthma ka package lena shuru kiya, mujhe attacks aane bandh ho gaye. Ab main roz ye dawa leti hu aura b mujhe pump ki zarurat hi nahi padti. Acha product hai. Aap bhi try kijiye if u are an asthmatic patient.

3. 1 week results
My husband had the problem of asthma. He had to use a pump. One of our friends suggested us Swami Ramdev package. I gave him it for a week and it gave great releief. He never had to use the pump later on.