Acidity Problems:

Package for Acidity and Hyperacidity

Name of Medicine


(30 Days)

Way of Administration

1. Divya Avipattikara Curna

300 gm

60 gm

Mix both these medicines together & take half an hour before or after breakfast & dinner. ½ teaspoon twice daily.

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Name of Medicine

1. Divya Avipattikara Curna

Dosage: 1 Month

Divya Avipattikar Churna

This medicine provides relief from acidity and indigestion. It relieves heartburn. It aids digestion process and controls acidity. It helps to treat constipation as it is a natural laxative. This medicine improves the appetite. Regular use of this ayurvedic medicine improves the overall health of the body.

Divya Mukta-Sukti Bhasm

This ayurvedic medicine works well to treat acidity.

Directions of use:
Mix all the ingredients and take 1 tablespoon daily. You may take it two times a day.

Precautions to be taken for curing acidity:

  1. Avoid oily and spicy foods
  2. Stay away from alcohol and smoking
  3. Caffeinated drinks should be avoided
  4. Restrict the intake of non vegetarian products

What causes acidity?

  1. Skipping meals
  2. Excessive drinking
  3. Obesity
  4. Eating spicy and fried food
  5. Incorrect eating habits
  6. Smoking
  7. Exposure to sun or heat

How to cure acidity naturally?

Apple cider vinegar is a good home remedy for curing acidity. Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water and drink it several times during the day. Have this mixture before meals. You can add a tablespoon of honey to it.

Coconut water is an effective natural remedy for preventing acidity.

Mint is an age old home remedy for acidity. Chew a few mint leaves to keep sway from acidity.

Take in on an empty stomach in the morning for greater results.

Another effective natural cure for preventing acidity is lemon juice. Mix lemon juice in water and consume it several times a day.

Cucumber plays a vital role in preventing acidity and its symptoms. Prepare a salad of cucumber and water melon and consume it daily.

Chewing basil leaves also helps to treat acidity. You can chew 8 to 10 basil leaves every morning.

Keep a piece of jiggery in mouth till it melts completely. Do it after the meals.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is an age old remedy for acidity.

Coriander juice is an excellent remedy for heartburn. Consume a tablespoon of coriander juice two to three times a day.

Important tips for treating acidity:

  1. Do not skip meals. Don’t remain on empty stomach for long hours. Eat small and frequent meals during the day.
  2. Obesity is one of the causes of acidity. If you are obese, lose weight. Losing those extra pounds would do wonders for you.
  3. Quit smoking and alcohol.
  4. Reduce the amount of tea and coffee.
  5. Eat a normal healthy diet.
  6. Consume a few almonds daily to keep away from acidity

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